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All Agents Up to Date Except NETGEAR ReadyNAS


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I just read the most recent Release Notes.  I see that the latest Agent version is v2.6.1.  All of my Agents are current except one.  The one that is out-of-date (not current) is running on a NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro (v2.5.0).  Will that Agent be updated at some point?  Does Domotz intend to support that platform going forward?  Do I need to update that Agent manually?

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ReadyNAS will be supported also in the next future, no plan to dismiss that platform in my visibility. 

About your version miss match you should consider that we do rollout by platform sorted by new functionalities impact on that group. 

I forced the Readynas update now so you can have everything aligned :), you can wait tomorrow to have the version updated automatically or if you prefer feel free to stop and start domotz app on your NAS to trigger the update procedure. 

Thanks a lot for you feedback



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