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Legrand / Nuvo


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Howdy Colotti,   Unfortunately the Legrand/Nuvo integration work that we did in the past was a bit limited.  We previously implemented a Manufacturer Tile specifically for Nuvo which would filter all of the Nuvo products into a single device list, but we have since removed it.   


We did not do any Auto Naming of the Nuvo Devices in our UI, but it used to be that the Device Friendly UPnP name would show up in the Info Tab.   It seems that this may have changed recently and I will look into this more.   If you connect to the player via the webpage (port 80), you can see the UPnP Friendly name;


But for some reason, we are not capturing that in our Info section;




Thanks for bringing this up.







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Dear Colotti,


for the moment there is not a plan to re-add the Nuvo/Legrand Tile. I would invite to contact Legrand team to push for this integration.


Thanks for your understanding,


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