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Missed Email Notifications


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Recently I found that some important devices were down but I didn't recall ever receiving email notifications for them.  I went back through my email folders and did not find the notifications.


Is this a known issue and/or can anyone help me troubleshoot how to resolve this issue?


I have email notifications set for the devices in question.  This is not a regular occurrence, I usually do get email notifications as configured.  I'm just wondering why sometimes the notifications might fail.



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We have not been notified about any issue like this. I assume you have properly configured the Alerts on those devices, which should send email notification, and that you have also checked in the spam folder (in some rare circumstances, the Alert email notifications might hit the spam folder)


If you have a specific case (device went offline, Alert properly set, but still no email), please send an email to our Support team with all the details of the case (Device with the alert configured, and the time issue occurred). Our team will follow-up with a proper investigation of the issue.

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