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Violet - not a business advantage


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Just enabled the Violet app as a test, for a customer account.

Its a good thing I directed the notification email to myself for the test, as the email states "The Violet app gives you access to exclusive features for managing your home network like parental control, network security alerts, device rebooting, internet speed analysis and so much more.

You state that you are positioning your product for the professional user, business based, as opposed to home users, yet the very first email uses the words ' home network, parental control'.


I then installed and ran the Violet App - not only is it very confusing, its absolutely Not designed for business use, as its multiple references to assignment to individuals, home use, etc, and it even shows devices I did Not allow in the initial setup within the web portal.

Frankly, if I I sent this to a customer without reviewing first, I sincerely think that customer would have ended our arrangement immediately, as it clearly implies the domotz product is not intended for professional use.


So Im confused, why is this obvious Home Based app even included in your offering, when you are positioning your product as a professional business product?


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Thanks for your comment about Violet - Customer Facing App. As a matter of fact, that App is specifically designed for the Residential space, rather than the Commercial one. The features available in that Consumer App are meant to be used in a Residential space, but still the Domotz user is a Professional one.


The Domotz Pro is definitely a service for professional user. In some cases, the Domotz user might provide his professional services to a residential user. We are not addressing home users directly as target Domotz Users (even though we have some, that might appreciate the Domotz Pro app specifically).


Most of the Domotz Users who provide their service in the Commercial space do NOT provide the Violet App to their customer. On the other hand, they might provide access directly to Domotz Pro (Apps available for iOS and Android) by creating a Field Operator account under their Team and give them access to their networks.


Having said that, I appreciate your concern about the confusion, and we will make sure to specify that the Violet - Customer Facing App is designed for the Professionals in the Residential market. I also appreciate your comment about the necessity to create a Customer Facing App for the Business Market. We are planning to have an App for that market as well.





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