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Network Topology issues...


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I'm trying the network topology map feature and I'm a bit lost with it.






I'm trying to link my switchs together in the right order, but it looks like I can't.

I have HP-RG => HP-SR1 => HP-SR2 => HP-SR3 => HP-PL1 => HP-B6 => HP-SR4


But HP-PL1 displays on top of the tree. When I click on HP-RG to say that it is HP-SR1 which is linked to it, not PL1, I don't find how to do this simple thing !!!


It says device is mapped on HP-PL1 and that's it ! If i click on this it displays the port configuration of HP-PL1 ! But I want the port configuration of HP-RG !!!



I just saw that when going in device details, I have some HP switchs that she an "interface" tab, where I can edit things. And Some other HP switchs that don't have it.

HP-RG, HP-SR1, HP-SR2 and HP-SR3 are  HP-1920 switchs JG925A. They don't show the Interface tab.


HP-PL1 and HP-SR4 are also HP-1920 switchs, but JL384A... They show the Interface tab.


I'm a bit lost on what to do then.







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from the description, it seems some of the Managed Switches either are not compliant to RFC4188, or they don't have SNMP enabled. Have you tried contacting Domotz Support and sharing access to your agent for a further investigation?

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