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wake on lan


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Although routers now have this task but since domotz keeps track of devices it would be nice to have an option to wake a device from the domotz interface which would be a nice change from writing scripts and always typing in the mac address.

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Not a bad idea, but we need to make sure it can be done across all platforms that we support and this is where it gets a bit tricky, since we don't know if all devices can send magic packets. It's worth looking into though, but it's not something that would be done this year, as we already have a pretty full schedule with regards to what we want/need to achieve this year.

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Coming in the next few days! Monday at latest


For each device there will be:

- a button for calling wake-on-lan 

- a button to enable auto-wake-on-lan (if a device goes down, a wakeonlan is automatically sent)


We have no ways of discovering beforehand if a device support it or not. So the buttons will be available for all devices (but will only have effect on a minority of devices)!




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