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Monitor device website history with eyes?


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I am thinking of using Domotz to monitor my home network using QNAP NAS. I am technical, but not an IT administrator, so I'm getting lost. I am trying to monitor website history on devices on my network. Is there a way to do this with eyes and OID? Is there an example of this someplace? I tried to monitor HTTP and HTTPS on my computer as a test, but got no alerts even though I visited a number of sites. I don't actually want alerts, I want a log, if that's possible. So I just would like to know, before I subscribe, if this is something I can do with Domotz. Preferably at the Lite level. Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum.

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Hi @gushags


You mean the navigation history of each device? We will not do that, what Domotz Eyes do for now is to alert you if the http/https or any TCP service is available or not on the monitored device and also monitor SNMPv2  OID's (mainly sensors or system parameters like disk usage, CPU usage and others).


Check out the Pi-hole project: https://pi-hole.net/, it's a DNS server that gives you a navigation history, you can use it on a Raspberry Pi together with the Domotz Pro agent on it :).


I personally use Pi-Hole in my house and it works very well.


Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support Team

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