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Looks like Domotz is no longer working on Beagleboards?

I've installed debian (from the beagleboard.org website) on the Beaglebone Black. Installed the Pi version of Domotz and connected to the internal Domotz web page. So far so good. Domots then forces updates and it stops working!

I can see that it's running, but can't bring up the web page on port 3001 (3000 is used for something else). Port scan doesn't look to bring anything up. Anyone have any ideas, as I have a few Beagleboards that would otherwise be ideal as they have 4GB built in flash, so customers can't pull out the SD cards :)

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Thanks Lars - but as soon as Domotz updates it breaks in the Beagleboards. Hoping someone will be able to reply as to what's needed to fix the broken update.

Maybe the same thing that causes my vanilla Debian 8 install to be broken since start of November 2017.

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