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What eyes to set up to detect modem issues?


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I'm a network newbie so please excuse this basic question. 


I am suffering regular outages at the moment as my local ISP continues to butcher their way through an HFC upgrade. I can monitor the sub-network on which my modem exists and Domotz has picked it up successfully. I'm after advice for what eyes or SNMP monitors I should set up to monitor the WAN availability and/or performance from the modem? Suspect this could come in very useful in my discussions with the ISP about their poor service and the continual network outages.


Many thanks.

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The SNMP monitor really depend on the specific Modem. You should consult with the HW manufacturer of the Modem to get the OiD to report information about WAN performance.


On the other hand, through Domotz you can:


1. Monitor the bandwidth (download/upload). This is executed every 6 hours

2. Monitor the Device Response Time (included in the Premium plan): add an external IP to your list of devices (e.g. Google DNS - Domotz will send 6 packets to that IP every 2 minutes, and report stats to the cloud every 30 minutes (measuring min, median and max RTD and also the Packet lost)


This last thing, will give you visibility into the performance and service provided by your ISP.

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