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Internet connection history


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I would like domotz to keep/report some basic internet connection history.

  1. Since most homes use a dynamic public IP addresses.  i would like to have a history of when it changes and what the new IP address is.  Gives me an idea of when my ISP may have made some equipment changes and maybe I should re-run some speed tests.
  2. Timestamp of every time my internet connection goes down and when it comes back up.  With this data logged you could also create a monthly or quarterly total downtime trend chart to see if your ISP is getting better or worse over time.




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You should already be able to see your public IP address under Network, Info.

It's listed on the top of the page. Admittedly we don't store past IP addresses, nor do we notify you when you get a new one.


The second suggestion is good though and it's something I think we're already looking at doing. However, this would simply be based on what the Agent can see, so if you unplug the agent, this means the internet is down. It'd be quite hard for us to do anything much better than that, but it beats having no information at all.

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Thanks for highlighting this need.

Both are already part of our todo list (even though not prioritised yet) for the evolution of our "network health analysis" . I will try and increase priority of this.

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